Design Violation Analysis

Without the permission of the design owner the following actions are considered as infringing the right to design that is protected by the provisions of law;
To produce, put on the market, sell, make a proposal for a contract, use for commercial purposes or keep it for these purposes, bring it to the commercial area in any other way, import, to extend the rights granted by the design owner through license or to transfer these rights to third parties.
The fact that the record stating that the design under protection is registered is not placed on the product, package or invoice does not prevent the acts listed in this article from infringing the right to design.
With the publication of the design application in the bulletin, the applicant has the right to file a legal action for violations of the design right. If the infringer is informed of the application or its scope, the publication of the application is not considered. The person who usurps the right; If the court decides that it is malicious, the existence of infringement will be accepted before publication. For unregistered designs, if the design is presented to the public, the right owner is authorized to sue for violations of the design right