Design Applications in Turkey

Even if your products have the same function as other similar products in the market, they can stand out with their design. Design registration is important in terms of ensuring the sustainability of this design and obtaining protection rights. Design refers to the whole of a product, or a part of it or the ornament on it, consisting of various elements or features perceived by human senses such as line, shape, shape, color, texture, material or flexibility. In the design registration system, a design can only be protected on the condition that it meets the "innovation" and "distinctive property" conditions.
National design registrations are made to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. Applications can be made with a single design image and also multiple applications can be made.
Multiple application allows applicants to make an easy and less costly application by allowing registration requests for more than one design in a single application. With the exception of ornaments and pattern designs, designs or products to which the design is applied must belong to the same class specified in the Locarno classification list in order for more than one design to be processed in the same application