Patent Valuation

A patent is an intangible asset. Therefore, it has a value. However, many inventors do not know how much their patents are worth or for how much they can sell or rent the patent.
Patent Valuation is the process of determining the monetary value that a patent creates / can create. Patents have a structure that can turn a technical information into a commercializable asset. As Bilen Patent, we produce professional services in patent and brand valuation with the support of our valuable consultants who have worked at various universities academically for many years. While calculating the value created or to be created by a patent; We evaluate the legal status, market situation and technological status of the invention together with its financial values.
With the law enacted on 01.01.2015, it is possible to exempt the income tax generated from the sale of patented or utility model products in our country by 50% from the part attributed to the relevant patent or utility model.