Violation Analysis and Freedom to Operate

It is about reporting whether the product produced or to be produced infringes a patent in question. A single patent examination is made in each report. Examining whether a product, production method or if a system infringes a patent is beyond just comparing the product and patent claims, it is a study that requires deep knowledge and experience. As a result of a good analysis, a company can get rid of vital patent lawsuits harmlessly.

It is about reporting whether a product or a process will be produced in accordance with certain patents. For the companies to invest in a product or technology the subject must be investigated whether it has a patent protection in Turkey or anywhere in the world. With this service, Bilen Patent investigates whether the patents determined for the product or technology to be produced pose a risk in technical terms and presents what a solution should be followed in case of any risk. This study is done by examining patents and technical information (articles, books, etc.) all over the world from comprehensive databases.