Patent & Utility Model Applications in Turkey

Patent is the output and insurance of R&D!

Bilen Patent, with many years of experience, has the ability to create professional specifications for each invention. In addition, patent applications and services are referenced in IP Stars. IP Stars has been a leading source of advice in intellectual-industrial property and law around the world since 1996.
A patent is an official document that brings privileges to the product or inventor in areas such as the sale, marketing, reproduction, production of a similar product, obtaining license income, the right to legal sanction against counterfeits, and the determination of the price of the product in the market. It destroys the perception that the owner gains unfair profit. It provides competitive advantage and commercial advantage to its owner.
With the application of registered patents in the industry, technical, economic and social progress is achieved in the country. National patent / utility model applications are made to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. If you want your invention to protect abroad, we determine which way to be followed that is more suitable for the inventor by mutual meetings.
A patent application made in Turkey, is valid in Turkey. It is possible for the inventors to protect their inventions in other countries they want to register with 7 different application methods.
1- National Application: If protection is desired in one or more countries, it is a direct application to the relevant countries.
2- International Application (PCT): Using this system which contains 152 member countries including Turkey, the protection can be provided with a single application in any desired country. According to this system, the patent certificate is issued by the national office of each country in the second stage.
3- European Patent Convention Application (EPC): This convention has 38 members including Turkey. It provides registration in all European Union countries with a single application.
4- Patent Application Process in Africa (OAPI): It is a patent application system covering 17 French speaking African countries.
5- Patent Application Process in Africa (ARIPO): This patent application system is valid in 19 English-speaking African countries.
6- Gulf Countries Application (GCC): It is the application system valid in the Gulf Cooperation Council member countries.
7- Eurasian Patent System (EAPC): This system is valid in Russia and former USSR member countries.