Bilen Patent was established ( in 2004) to provide quality and safe services to companies that need professional help in the fields called Industrial rights in this era when the importance of trademark and patent issues is increasing every day.
As Bilen Patent, we provide professional and high-quality consulting services to our clients, many of whom are among the elite organizations of Turkey, on the registration of domestic and international patents, trademarks and industrial design, as well as on the relevant legal proceedings.
“European Patent” and “Patent” and “Trademark” proxies are among the distinguished experts of Turkey. In addition, Bilen Patent also has a highly professional legal unit consisting of trademark and Patent attorney lawyers.
Our aim is to be a consulting firm that can serve its clients in a fairly wide range, as well as to go outside the mold of a patent office that only provides registration services, while protecting the Industrial Property Rights of our clients in accordance with the principles of confidentiality and in an ethical framework.
Bilen Patent; thanks to a network of highly experienced Solution Partners, each of them serves effectively in many areas for the service sector, as well as in Patent and trademark issues. Our clients have the privilege of being able to receive services with companies in this network at very small prices and with the guarantee of knowing patents.
Bilen Patent, which develops itself every day on the way to becoming a leading company where our companies and clients can get quality service and consult on related issues, aims to provide services in the light of up-to-date information.
Bilen Patent is proud to be a company where its clients can always easily access the information they want and get the most accurate advice with its experts and computer-based tracking and Client Relationship Management System.

UNIVATION is a professional innovation consulting company serving Turkey-wide from its head offices in Bursa and Istanbul since 2012.
Univation provides its customers with the establishment and configuration of an R&D Control Center, moderation of existing R&D Centers, project preparation and consultancy for the R&D support programs of organizations such as TÜBİTAK and KOSGEB, brand support of the Ministry of Economy and consultancy services in Turquailty processes.
UNIVATION provides added value to companies as well as providing support and advice to its customers on “scope and method” at a time when innovation can be done in all areas. It plays an important role in carrying companies into the future through training and workshops to gain innovative perspective that it offers to its customers.
UNIVATION, which supports its customers who have R&D units but have problems in managing and advancing them and have to close without having serious budgets, takes an active role in transforming R&D units of companies into government-supported R&D Centers, which is the lifeblood of R&D Centers. It also provides moderation services in financial integration, technical consultancy and industrial property systems.
UNIVATION works to provide its customers to receive high-level grants in projects such as TUBITAK-TEYDEB R & D grants. At the same time, is leading the way in establishing a sustainable project system, which is the key point of this granting process.
UNIVATION works integrated with Bilen Patent, Turkey's industry-leading organization, on intellectual and industrial rights. As a leading company in combining R & D and patent integration with government support, UNIVATION, which looks at projects with the eye of a patent attorney with the power it receives from Bilen Patent, is the first example in Turkey.